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Neuroplasticity Rehabilitation

A unique neuroplasticity rehabilitation program aimed at helping patients with brain injuries rediscover their metacognitive voice, permanently improves cognition and learning. The definition of neuroplasticity can vary.  Understanding what neuroplasticity rehabilitation offers patients who have suffered a traumatic brain injury can redefine hope, even years after the original injury. Dr. Donalee Markus Ph.D., a [...]

Brain Injury and Gut Health

For many patients, a concussion or traumatic brain injury can mean the future health of the gut-brain connection may be at risk. Recent studies over the past few years have also linked the gut-brain axis to autism, depression, anxiety, and various autoimmune conditions.  Understanding how our future cognitive health connects with our gut pathology [...]

Traumatic Brain Injury and Short Term Memory Loss

Short-term memory loss after a concussion or traumatic brain injury may be associated with vision and sensory impairment. Short-term memory loss is often a complication for many people who have suffered from a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury. The problem may develop immediately after the head injury or slowly progress over time. Symptoms [...]

Approved Blood Test for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

  Each year emergency rooms use CT scans to perform images on millions of people with suspected brain injuries. The injury can range from a mild concussion to moderate or severe.  CT scans provide a critical source of information when physicians suspect bleeding, swelling on the brain, or a fracture of the skull has [...]

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