A Link Between Autoimmune Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury

Studies continue to link traumatic brain injury and the possibility of autoimmune disease. Yet, even with extraordinary medical advancements in our society, conversations between patients and many health professionals are still elusive on brain injury health outcomes.  Slow medical research and a lack of knowledge, training, and awareness for traumatic brain injuries among many [...]

Genetic Activation After Traumatic Brain Injury

Currently, under thorough study is how traumatic brain injury can influence genetic activation. For survivors of mild to moderate traumatic brain injuries, the recovery process can look vastly different for each patient. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, neither are injuries to the brain. Why do some patients breeze through treatments, rehabilitation therapy, [...]

Brain Injury and Gut Health

For many patients, a concussion or traumatic brain injury can mean the future health of the gut-brain connection may be at risk. Recent studies over the past few years have also linked the gut-brain axis to autism, depression, anxiety, and various autoimmune conditions.  Understanding how our future cognitive health connects with our gut pathology [...]

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