Every year March is a month dedicated to advocacy towards brain injury awareness throughout the world.  Non-profits, medical associations, specialized TBI facilities, caregivers, survivor advocates, volunteers, and more raise awareness through the grassroots efforts of community campaigns, educational outreach, online podcasts, local and social media.  Anyone can participate in the national efforts towards reducing stigma and providing support to those living with brain injury.

According to the national non-profit Brain Injury Awareness of America –
“One in every 60 people in the U.S. lives with a permanent brain injury-related disability.”

Enhancing public awareness by sharing staggering statistics featured by the BIA Texas division is essential for instilling change.  The good news is that the silent epidemic of traumatic brain injury steadily moves away from the shadows.  Innovative doctors specializing in brain health continue sharing their knowledge on advanced treatment options, breakthrough rehabilitation tools, and state-of-the-art imaging, bringing hope towards improving health and recovery outcomes for traumatic brain injury patients.

Hope Through Education and Connections

On March 27th, 2021, the Hope After Brain Injury team features an online program called Creating Life after Brain Injury: The Role of Purpose and Resilience. A full panel of educational speakers come together in a free video series sharing their knowledge and experience on “finding purpose through resilience and connectedness.” Topics featured are sleep and its role after brain injury, employment after brain injury, and healthy lifestyle choices, in addition to a round-table session with Dr. Deana Adams, Ph.D., LPC-S, and Patti Foster, TBI survivor and author.

Living with a brain injury is not easy. Finding a way to connect with others who understand can offer the change, hope, and inspiration one needs to take the next step.  Imagine the tremendous feeling of support, acceptance, understanding, and knowing you are not alone because millions of people worldwide live with similar challenges.

Whether you are a neighbor, survivor, boss, friend, parent, spouse, or blossoming advocate, ask yourself, do you know someone living with a brain injury? If you do, what can you offer that will bring about hope and a smile in their day?

Celebrate hope through Brain Injury Awareness!