Finding My Gifts after Brain Injury

Seven years have passed since the car wreck, where I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury. Through my journey, there were many times I felt I lost my way. My mild concussion didn’t feel mild to me, and I prayed many times, asking God what did He want me to do for Him? How [...]

Dealing With(Out) Emotions

By Sara Joy Within 5 days of hitting my head on that black ice on Valentine's Day 2014, I didn't feel anything. I didn't even feel "Nothing". And that's the first thing I learned. "The Nothing" (To borrow from The Neverending Story) is an emptiness. A chasm. A lack. I didn't even detect that I [...]

Living with Brain Injury–An Insider’s Perspective

Welcome to our first blog entry!  :) Thought I would share with you an insightful poem written by Jan, TBI (traumatic brain injury) survivor. Outside, Inside On the outside You see me as normal On the inside I see how non-normal I am. On the outside I appear involved in the discussion On the inside [...]

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