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Hello! My name is Jasmine Herrera-Martinez, and I am an 8 years post Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). I sustained my brain injury on May 17th, 2014, in a Motor Vehicular accident (MVA). Before my brain injury, I was a full-time student in college, a full-time worker at Target, and was active in my 5 godchildren [...]

As A Parent…

Before we began our TBI journey with our daughter, Lucy, she was a sweet and sassy 7-year-old little girl with a smile that brightened the room. In one moment, all of that was taken away and our whole world was turned upside down. She could’ve died that day. Lucy fell 6ft 6in off a water [...]

My Story

By: Ariel Johnson On the morning of December 13th, 2007 the weather was horrible. It was sleeting, hailing, and snowing. I was driving back to school when I swerved into the oncoming lane and hit a van and then collided into a tree. An off-duty EMT professional saved my life because the seatbelt was choking [...]

A Single Gunshot…Living with TBI Aftermath

I was just 13 when my whole life changed forever. On December 18th, 2005 I was shot in the head at point-blank range. Not knowing if I was going to live or die. The doctors were really reluctant to pull the bullet out of my brain because of the swelling but they took a chance. [...]

Finding My Gifts after Brain Injury

Seven years have passed since the car wreck, where I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury. Through my journey, there were many times I felt I lost my way. My mild concussion didn’t feel mild to me, and I prayed many times, asking God what did He want me to do for Him? How [...]

Love from Christ is Healing Beyond Measure

By Christie Young The beautiful holiday of Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ is upon us.  I must admit it took me time this year to adjust to the idea of decorating my home.  It was that human element of “one more chore” added to the list.  I rationalized with myself that since I [...]

Grace and Peace – A Journey of Healing

Prior to my car accident and mild TBI, when it came to bible study, I was never very good at following through.  It required a discipline and commitment of time, reflection and understanding that I sadly seemed to think I didn’t have.  The concussion and physical injuries I sustained forced me to slow down and [...]

Nutrition and Self-Care

by Christie Young One of the TBI survivors I follow is Nathalie Kelly, the TBI Recovery Coach from Vermont. https://www.brainrecoverycoach.com/nathalie-s-story Her efforts to record every aspect of her journey has helped me tremendously.  One of the critical components of my recovery has been proper nutrition.  Of the many talented health professionals that Nathalie Kelly interviewed [...]

Vitamins of Victory

by Deana Adams, Ph.D., LPC-S We all know that vitamins are great for our physical health. However, many people forget to take vitamins for their emotional/spiritual health. So, I thought I would share with you some of the vitamins that I’ve taken over the years that has helped me recover from depression and live in [...]

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