Prior to my car accident and mild TBI, when it came to bible study, I was never very good at following through.  It required a discipline and commitment of time, reflection and understanding that I sadly seemed to think I didn’t have.  The concussion and physical injuries I sustained forced me to slow down and learn the practice of self-care.  What came of that transition was my renewed relationship with Jesus Christ.  I have often wondered why did it take so much trauma to bring me closer to my Savior?

My injuries and the rehabilitation pathway I endured gave me the opportunity to take day by day with Jesus by my side.  I stumbled through many months of pain, anger, depression and emotional despair that left me feeling isolated and hopeless at times.  I felt as though I had become His blank canvas while He continued to shape a humbled Christian warrior within.

I had never understood the true meaning of “miracles” until a journey through complete transformation happened in my life as God worked through others bringing forth the pain, suffering, and a deep reflection of my injured spirit.

Jesus carried my pain and burdens to the cross and opened my eyes to what it truly meant to be an imperfect, messy follower of a Savior who wanted me to spend time with Him.  I never thought I would be able to say that my injuries were a blessing, but it gave me the opportunity to reflect on God’s amazing glory, His beautiful creation, His profound word and what it means to be a daughter of a King.

I have changed for the better.  I have learned to rest and become quiet, listening through each scripture I read.  I have heard remarkable messages that were meant for healing my mind, body, heart, and soul.  I cherish my morning walks with God, reading my prayer journals by Sarah Young, and the bible studies with my husband.  I don’t always feel well enough to participate, but His grace and peace keeps my soul in a gentle space for myself and others as I continue to walk on the path of His glory and will for my life.


“Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”


Christie Young