Cyrex Laboratories is fast becoming a front runner for traumatic brain injury lab tests, delivering much-needed testing options to doctors and their patients for the detection of common brain injury-related health problems.

There are few FDA approved tests available for the early detection of traumatic brain injury. The brain injury blood tests can help first responders, and emergency facilities know when patients have a concussion or minor bleed on the brain requiring further imaging. Early detection and a reduction in unnecessary CT scans are certainly a move in the right direction. But what is happening to the current estimate of 75% of patients who leave emergency rooms with mild to moderate concussions and clear CT scans? It’s the unknown impending health complications after a traumatic brain injury that leave many patients with an escalating health crisis in the days, weeks, and months to come. Their lives can become engrossed in medical appointments while they search for answers to their symptoms, often feeling discouraged and misunderstood by our conventional medical system.

Associated with head trauma are many health conditions such as blood-brain barrier permeability, dysfunction of the vagus nerve, the onset of severe food sensitivities, and chronic gut problems leading to the probability of autoimmunity. There is good news! Blood tests for traumatic brain injury patients are available through the advanced laboratory tests offered by Cyrex Laboratories.

At Hope After Brain Injury, we reached out to Cyrex Laboratories and had the fortunate opportunity to speak with the Vice President of Education, Ms. Jama Lambert. Ms. Lambert informed us that “Although the current blood test S100B for the detection of a concussion is available within our medical system, it is most informative only within a few hours of the initial injury. The Cyrex Array 20, blood-brain barrier permeability panel is the only specialty lab able to evaluate the integrity of the blood-brain barrier weeks, months, and years after the initial injury.” By learning if their blood-brain barrier became compromised, patients could take charge of their health after a head injury even if the first window of opportunity for detection has passed.

Ms. Lambert goes on to say that “A single traumatic brain injury, multiple concussions or constant jarring of the head can create breaks in the blood-brain barrier. The patients compromised health can contribute to the development of leaky gut and chronic immune deficiencies, which are leaving them at higher risk for Alzheimer’s. Patients’ growth factors, neuroendocrine, and enteric systems can become severely out of balance. Knowing critical health facts in your 40’s and 50’s even if you have not had a head injury can give many a window of opportunity to delay or prevent cognitive decline.”

After completing the Array 20 panel, she suggests patients may want to follow up with their doctors requesting Array 7 or 7x, which provides a more comprehensive view of auto-immune antibodies potentially leading to brain injury-induced autoimmune disease. Ms. Lambert’s extensive health knowledge and passion for helping others are clear. She wanted us to know, “One more important test for patients to consider is Cyrex Array 2, the intestinal permeability screening. Knowing the results of all three testing Arrays will give patients and their doctors the information they need to address current health conditions or prevent future health decline.”

When testing brain injury patients early, the prevention of chronic gut problems, damaging inflammation, and autoimmunity is highly possible. At Cyrex Laboratories, Ms. Lambert and their team of professionals know, “Healing the gut heals the blood-brain barrier and healing the blood-brain barrier heals the gut. Whichever protocol patients’ approach, it is essential to repair the link between the gut/brain axis immediately following any form of head injury.”

To find a list of physicians offering Cyrex testing in your area, please contact Cyrex Customer Service at 877-772-9739 or [email protected]