By Bob Lyons, TBI; 10-1990

It has been said:  “Adversity doesn’t build character. Rather, adversity reveals one’s character.”  Throughout history, several famous individuals have been forced to deal with adversity in their lives. I firmly believe that it is only by the “God-given courage,” which they have been given to them by God the Father that they are able to overcome these adversities. There are very many examples of people, who have overcome their adversities to accomplish great things. Two names, which come to mind, are Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F.  Kennedy.

In absolutely no way  to I mean to sound grandiose, but personally, I feel that I have been; “blessed  with adversity.” Many years ago, I was very close to dying, as a result of  suffering a severe “closed head injury.” I have been told that shortly after I  was deemed “medically stable,” this was my prognosis. First, the chief  neurologist said that I was destined to spend my remaining days in a “nursing  home facility.” Next, he said that I would never regain the mental capacity of that above a 5th-grade student. Basically, I would never have a life with potential for advancement and/or improving myself.

However, only by the  Grace of God, support of my dear family & true friends, I see my in future in a way, which has the potential to be productive & worthwhile. I am finding a  direct correlation exists between, my ever-growing desire to have a positive  impact on all God’s creations to my development as a  person!

My absolute goal in my  “earthly-life,” is to try my very best in all things, which are put in front of me. By always trying my very best to live my life this way, I will be showing  God by my actions just how thankful I am to be alive. Further, I pray to try my very best in every situation to make my dear folks (God rest both of their souls!) proud of their son.