Nutrition and Self-Care

by Christie Young One of the TBI survivors I follow is Nathalie Kelly, the TBI Recovery Coach from Vermont. Her efforts to record every aspect of her journey has helped me tremendously.  One of the critical components of my recovery has been proper nutrition.  Of the many talented health professionals that Nathalie Kelly interviewed [...]

Vitamins of Victory

by Deana Adams, Ph.D., LPC-S We all know that vitamins are great for our physical health. However, many people forget to take vitamins for their emotional/spiritual health. So, I thought I would share with you some of the vitamins that I’ve taken over the years that has helped me recover from depression and live in [...]


by Rebecca Trammell, TBI Survivor Being an organized individual was always a strong suit for me and among other positive qualities, they are not absent, just simply harder to access. Our brains are organized, complex, and structured. As babies, we quickly learned that crying brought a human face to notice us, or worse, we could [...]

How Do You Cope?

The other day at our support group, we talked about COPE.  Even dissected the word and came up with an acrostic. Here's some of what we came up with.... C:  coming together, capable, confidence O:  opportunity, optimism, overcoming P:  patience, prayer, persistence E:  enthusiasm, endurance, exceeding your goals So, I was wondering ... what would [...]

Speaking with a Brain Injury Survivor…Practical Wisdom

Have you wondered how to speak to someone who recently suffered a brain injury? Patti Foster, a TBI survivor, shares practical wisdom from her own experience and working with brain injury survivors and their families. "Give him time...keep everything to him like he's listening and understanding everything...slow down and soften your speaking a wee [...]

Our Constant Companion

Not sure about you, but the holiday season is a mixture of joy and grief.  Thought this version of Psalm 23 would offer a different perspective...a bit of comfort and reassurance. Blessings to each of you! Psalm 23 The  Lord is my constant companion. There is no need that  He cannot fulfill. Whether His course [...]

See It Through

It's been a difficult few weeks.  Losing my dad and caring for my mother, survivor of multiple concussions among assorted other medical issues.  A new and very kind friend quoted this poem from Edgar Guest.  The Lord is our strength! See It Through By Edgar Albert Guest 1881–1959 When you’re up against a trouble, Meet [...]

Mark Your Calendar!

Hello Friends, If you are struggling with the difficult effects of brain injury or if you are coping well and would love to share your success, please come to the one day seminar for brain injury caregivers on October 26.  "Finding Hope in the New Normal" is sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of America [...]

Attitude in Hard Times

By: Patti Foster, TBI Survivor, Inspirational Communicator Hard times. You can probably tell me some incredible, real-life stories of tough times you’ve lived through or, maybe right now, at this moment, you’re in the midst of a personally hard time. Please, lean on Jesus; ask Him to help you. He will. Granted, hard times usually take [...]

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