Have you wondered how to speak to someone who recently suffered a brain injury? Patti Foster, a TBI survivor, shares practical wisdom from her own experience and working with brain injury survivors and their families.

“Give him time…keep everything positive..talk to him like he’s listening and understanding everything…slow down and soften your speaking a wee bit…and please don’t talk as though he’s hard-of-hearing; he’s not. You just have to give his brain time to heal and his “spare brain cells” time to learn their new jobs. * Please keep in mind and remember GOD is teaching his “spare brain cells” how to take over where the damaged ones were. Also, playing music he likes softly in the background is very helpful to healing and coming back….and please, remember your non-verbal language has the greatest effect – what you say, how you say it, your tone of voice, touch, eyes, facial expressions, etc. He’s hearing you; don’t give up!”

Patti welcomes opportunities to speak to organizations all over the world.  For more information about Patti Foster and her story, visit www.PattiFoster.com.  You may also contact Patti through email:  [email protected]