by Bob Lyons

As we walk along our  life journey to our Creator, we all will encounter choices along the way. These  choices will shape and mold the person, whom we become. By listening to,  analyzing, evaluating and following the advice of our loved ones, both here and  in Heaven we will shape our destinies.

     I feel that in each of  our precious, unique lives, we will naturally face unlimited options. Our  Creator has given each of us free will, so that we may choose this, or that. It  is the quality of these choices that will determine, the person, whom we become.  The gauge, which I hope and pray that I will always try my best to use, is this: “The decisions I make in my life journey that will result in positively  affecting the greatest number of all living things.” I purposely “chose this  word, ‘things,’” instead of people as I wanted to include all of God’s  creations, not just humankind.

     In each person’s life,  we will naturally make some incorrect decisions. This is because we all have  finite minds, whereas our Creator has an infinite mind. In essence, none of us  can predict with any certainty, what will be the outcome of our decisions. I  feel that in order for each of us to ultimately be happy and live a productive  life, we must learn from our poor decisions, so as not to repeat them again. As  we live our life, we develop wisdom, which is derived from the choices we have  made, thus far in life and our totally understanding the consequences of these  choices.

     With my various  limitations and impairments due to my accident many years ago, I tend to “second  guess,” or better put occasionally question my judgment. This said as my life  time recovery develops, I find that listening to, analyzing and implementing my  loved one’s advice is imperative to making the correct choices in life. I firmly  feel that I will hear our dear Lord’s voice through my love and trusted people,  whom I hear that have blessed my World.J