HOPE is something that we all must aspire to achieve in our lives that will bounce off of our shoulders of someone like sunshine & become affixed to our minds.  We can gather hope, like I have for most of my life, from the negative situations that prevail in society at large.  There is discrimination, prejudice, stress, hatred, etc., however I never allowed this negativism to stop myself, because there are others to consider who are younger & not as well equipped as ourselves. Recovery from a coma, provided the hope I needed to assure my dreams in all the things, that I’ve been able to participate within over the last 40 years, beside teacher education at Southern Arkansas University.

My journey has not been one of fame or fortune, but has posed several difficulties.

Every job that I’ve had, which I’ve lost has been due to the head/brain trauma since 1998.  I can not run nor can I hide from my past, it follows me, every move I make.  These negative situations get most people down, however myself I look at a negative situation as a confused solution turned upside down.  Therefore, I went to work correcting/addressing this difficulty & I soon realized “Positivism” or as I say; rerouting negative views into positive ones.  It wasn’t long before the position of cognitively challenged started making sense to others & acceptance has been realized by some in our society, today.  Hope that this day would come has been long & hard at times, however I knew the end result would be more freedom for all.  Therefore, I gladly put my aspirations aside for the benefit of our state, nation, world, because Hope assures us all freedom within our minds.  All success must start in your mind?  I think I can!

HOPE is the only prayer I have & all that I’m left with now.  We must protect the next generation; they are our only future & Best Chance!  Working together we can make more lives better with the use of helmets, etc.!! Thank you for the opportunity to express what Hope has done for myself. If I can be of value, just contact?  I’m not disabled as society feel, I’m cognitively challenged, thank you!

Shaun Best, Protector of the Natural State, LifeSaver

Challenged Conquistadors, Inc.

[email protected]