NEW BOOK about Brain Injury! Coping with Traumatic Brain Injury: One Woman’s Journey from Death to Life by Patti Foster has been released!!

Here are a few reviews: A great book, helpful and well written. I could hardly put it down. The author’s story is inspiring and an important story to be told. S. Niebuhr

An exceptional read for both survivors of brain injury and family members. Patti’s raw description of the reality of traumatic brain injury is riveting and sobering and hopeful. An excellent resource and gift for anyone experiencing brain injury, trauma, and beyond-this-life challenges. D. Adams

Patti, I read your book in one sitting! Couldn’t put it down. What a fascinating read. Your recovery is nothing but a miracle and I’m thankful that God has given my family the opportunity to witness His work in you. T. Blacketer

Just finished reading your book. Great job, it is really very informative for people who haven’t dealt with TBI. I cried and laughed through it!! Thanks for writing the book and giving me an opportunity to learn more about your journey. I love ya!! A. Neally

This wonderful book is available on Patti’s website at