Bob Lyons; TBI, 10-90

Just over 2 years ago, my dad joined my dear mom (God rest both their souls!) in heaven. Shortly thereafter, I have adjusted my living arrangements. I had been living with my dear folks in FL, ever since after my accident over 20 years ago. Maybe for the rest of my; wonderful, at times challenging, yet always grateful and I hope, productive life, I will now live in 3 States; FL, NJ & IL. This could be a challenge, even for the “non-impaired.” However, I am finding that as my life time journey toward normalcy develops, I am learning to embrace change, make adjustments & always try my very best to proceed down the road, God wants me to be on.

In all our lives, there will necessarily be shortcuts & detours, which the road encounters. This is all part of what being fully human is all about. There will be times when we do not feel that we are not progressing down the road toward heaven. When this happen, God will always provide us with opportunities to get back on track. The life experience is comprised of a series of turns, along the way. A few examples of decisions that most people will make are concerning; 1) jobs 2) relationships 3) marriage 4) ways of “giving back” & eventually 5) our deaths. For all Believers, the sole reason for our earthly lives is to live them in a way, which we lead us, by our actions, to all eternity.