By Robert Lyons,  TBI, survivor; 10-1990

We are all given various talents & abilities by God the Father. In some ways, I feel that I have certain limitations to living a full, good & complete life. Many, if not all of these are the result of my nearly-fatal head-injury over 20 years ago.  However, I am noticing a remarkable development. It is that as I am becoming more God-Dependent, I am finding ways to overcome my limitations. It could be that after thinking it over in prayer to our dear Lord, I will adjust my ultimate goal. Some of these daily situations are merely common-sense. For instance, 2 nights ago, I returned home from an overnight trip with my brother.  I had some difficulty carrying the suitcase down the stairs. Upon settings it on my bed & opening it, I noticed that it was my brother’s. Upon realizing this, I asked my nephew for his help with carrying it to my brother’s bedroom.  With my lack of balance, as a result of my accident, negotiating 2 flights of stairs, suitcase in hand was not logical, but also potentially dangerous!

This new mindset has told me that when I don’t find the desired result, this is God’s way of telling me that I should either adjust my goal and/or after reflecting to keep on trying. As the saying goes; “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”  God knows what is best for me, so with this, I know that God will always show me ways to achieve, advance & grow closer to God in my life. As I am becoming more God-dependent, I foresee the day when “my will” & “God’s Will,” as I  understand it to be are one & the same.

As my lifetime journey to our Heavenly Father develops, I am noticing that I have been given both  strengths & weaknesses. I am now finding that there is a direct correlation between my learning to deal with & even overcome my limitations to my innate need to become more God-Dependent! J Also, I firmly  feel that God-Dependency goes hand-in-hand with our legitimate trust &  subsequent reliance on God’s creations. I get great satisfaction &  understanding by realizing that God-Dependency necessarily means dependency on humanity. With God, nothing good is impossible. God will know that we are praising Him when we always try our very best to genuinely please God’s  creations & by living our lives this way, we our pleasing God, by our actions.