by Bob Lyons

You may have heard the following  saying: “Life is not a destination, rather it is a journey.” From my  perspective, I see this differently. Rather, as I see it, our lives are: “All  journeys toward the ultimate destination:  Heaven.”

So far, in my life journey, I will occasionally find myself taking a different path. There are a  variety of reasons “why,” I have decided to take this incorrect path. Examples  are; forgetfulness, laziness, selfishness, or other distractions. In my car, I  have a Garmin navigation system, which I have on at all, times. As I am  preparing to leave, I will set the location of my final destination. During my  route, I will hear it saying things like; “construction for the next 5 miles,  then a pause and a suggested re-route.” Or, if by chance I miss a turn, for  whatever reason, I will hear; “re-calculating,” followed by the appropriate way  to get back on course. I firmly believe that this system is analogous to my  conscience, in this respect. When I am not going down the correct path toward my  ultimate destination, I will hear God in the form of my dear family’s, as well  as other loved ones voices. This concept, I feel is totally logical to me, as I  know their voices, values and logic.

My current living arrangement is that I live in 3 different States. This navigation system is essential for me to guide me from one location to another. In life, if I make a  wrong turn, I will hear God’s guidance, which will tell me how to get back on  track to the ultimate destination; “Heaven.” After all, the word “guidance”  means; “God yoU & I DANCE!”