by Bob Lyons

The thing that  makes humans different from other living things is our ability to reason. In  life, we all have different perspectives, thus we necessarily each have  differing opinions. Each individual has their own unique set of motivations.  These motivations will produce actions, which will help shape our identity, as  we journey through our life.

Personally, my  daily motivation is to always try my very best to live my life by following good  values and morals, which I have learned from my loved ones. Ideally, my  decisions will always follow my conscience. This rather innate concept can best  be described the following way: “In my journey through life, I hope to proper  make decisions, which will produce the best result for my fellow living things.”  I have purposely written “things,” so as to include all of God’s creations, not  just humankind. While this ‘self-less’ approach to living my life is at times  difficult. Yet, I have decided that this is my motivating goal, which I hope and  pray to strive for and reach each and every new day.

As I am falling  asleep, I will make a mentally inventory of what I did that day. I will remember  the various things, which I did that day that I am happy with. I will also think  about those things, which I could have done better. When I will think of those  things, I will try my best to use my “God-given reasoning skills”  next time, so as I could change this  negative into a positive. Or, if by chance I hurt someone’s feelings, I will  make a note in my “Day timer” to explain myself and/or apologize. Additionally,  I will try to make changes to my life style, i.e. getting to bed earlier, so as  I can get the proper amount of rest. I have noticed that I make proper decisions  and I am more approachable when I am fairly well-rested. Using this approach to  life, I will have a better perspective about the “reason” for my life’s journey.